At a time when the world is experiencing epidemics, natural disasters and wars, New Zealand Taiwan Day is holding a Sky Lantern painting competition hoping to encourage and support each other, so that warmth, love and hope will once again fill the world.


2023 Sky Lantern Competition Closed – please ensure lanterns have been returned back and registration form filled out

Click here to find our contact details to request sky lantern page. Can also email the team directly at: skylantern.nztaiwanday@gmail.com

Registration form available by clicking on or scanning the QR code below (Google Form). Or print the paper form here.


What age groups can I enter?

Children (5-12yrs old)

Teenager (13-17yrs old)

Adult (18+ yrs old)

What’s the competition?

Colour in the provided lantern page (A1) and cut out to fold along the dotted lines to stick together. Final product is a 3-dimensional lantern. The more colourful the lantern, the more outstanding it will be hanging at the event.

What’s the theme?

Draw a hope/wish for the future

What’s the prize?

1st place prize for each age group – $500    + More       * Terms and Conditions Apply


Please return lanterns back before February 25th 2023


After you have made your lantern, remember to write your name on the lantern in space provided (School/Organisation if applicable). Fill out registration form and contact us for drop off point. (Optional: can provide photo of yourself holding the lantern with registration form if you wish which may be used, but not limited to, in media and publish for promotional purposes). Prize winners will be contacted and must be able to attend the 2023 NZ Taiwan Day event in person to receive their prize.


The rules for Sky Lantern Competition include:

  1. Eligibility criteria: Open to the public, Children (age 5-12), Teenagers (age 13-17), Adults (18+)
  2. Entry requirements: Competitors have to submit a paper or online registration form and return the Sky Lantern at the Drop-off location by 25 Feb 2023.
  3. Judging criteria:
    • Creativity: Judges will consider the creativity and originality of the submitted works.
    • Technique: Judges will consider the technical aspects of the submitted works, including mastery of brush strokes, color, and other techniques.
    • Overall Design: Judges will consider the overall design of the submitted works, including the expression of its content.
  4. Prize structure: For each of the Children’s, Teenagers, and Adult categories:
    • 1st Place (Gold Award): Medal + $500 gift voucher
    • 2nd Place (Silver Award): Medal + One Simbalion Wooden Colour Party Painting Kit
    • 3rd Place (Bronze Award): Medal + One Simbalion Wooden Colour Party Painting Kit
    • In addition, the 100 Merit Award will be awarded, each receiving one set of 36 Simbalion Colored pencils.
  5. Award Collection: The results of the competition will be notified to the winners individually before March 8th. Winners must personally attend the award ceremony on at 1:30 pm on March 11th on Taiwan Day. If unable to attend, please submit a letter of authorization and a selfie with the desired sky lantern by March 10th for fairness.
  6. Please read carefully and agree to the competition rules before participating. The Taiwan Day Committee reserves the right to publicly display the submitted sky lantern and the participants’ selfies.


  1. 參賽資格:公開參賽,兒童組(5-12歲), 青年組(13-17歲)和成人組(18歲以上)
  2. 報名要求:參賽者需要填寫紙本或網上報名表,並把參賽作品希望天燈在2023年2月25日前交到指定地址。
  3. 評審標準:
    • 創意:評審將考慮參賽作品的創意和原創性
    • 技巧:評審將考慮參賽作品的技巧,包括使用筆觸,色彩和其他技巧的掌握。
    • 整體設計:評審將考慮參賽作品的整體設計,包括其表達內容。
  4. 得奬結構:兒童組,青年組和成人組各:
    • 金奬一名:奬牌 +$500元禮券
    • 銀奬一名:奬牌 +雄獅黑白派木盒繪畫組乙份
    • 銀奬一名:奬牌 +雄獅黑白派木盒繪畫組乙份
    • 增設優異獎100名:雄獅36色彩色鉛筆乙份
  5. 領奬事項:比賽結果將於3月8日前個別通知獲奬者。獲奬者需於本人親自來臨台灣日3月11日下午1:30到現場頒發。如未能出席者,請於3月10日前遞交委托書和與希望天燈的自拍照以示公允。
  6. 請在參加比賽之前,仔細閱讀並同意比賽規則及灣日籌委會有權公共展示參加的希望天燈作品和參賽者的自拍照。