Glove Puppetry 布袋戲

Let’s come and experience the treasure of Taiwanese culture – hand puppet, which was once a traditional art form but now has been innovatively developed onto the big screen! At the 2023 NZ Taiwan Day event, we invite the Taiwanese Women’s Association of New Zealand to bring us the wonderful hand puppet shows of “Justice Bao and the Trial of the Stone” and “The Adventures of Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie”. Hand puppet show is an ancient theatrical form that uses hand puppets to tell stories and has deep roots in religious beliefs and traditional culture. Now, you have the opportunity to experience this fascinating performance art in person! We welcome you to come and watch the show on site, and together appreciate the beauty of Taiwanese culture. 

讓我們一起來體驗過去為傳統藝術、如今創新發展登上大螢幕,台灣文化的瑰寶── 布袋戲!在2023紐西蘭臺灣日活動中,我們邀請來自紐西蘭臺灣婦女會,為大家帶來精彩的「包公審石頭」及「孫悟空及豬八戒歷險記」布袋戲表演。布袋戲是一種古老的戲劇形式,透過操作木偶來演繹故事,具有深厚的宗教信仰和傳統文化背景。現在,您有機會親身體驗這個精彩的表演藝術!不僅可以欣賞精彩的表演,還可以親自參與體驗布袋戲的魅力。歡迎您來現場觀看表演,一同感受臺灣文化之美。

Diabolo 扯鈴

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard of the traditional sport of Diabolo? The Taiwanese Women’s Association and the students and teachers of the Feng-Xing Digital Learning Center will bring a Diabolo performance and interactive experience to the 2023 New Zealand Taiwan Day. You’ll get to witness firsthand the magic of this traditional folk sport! Diabolo has been a traditional toy in Chinese culture for hundreds of years and can improve your body coordination and balance, while also fostering empathy and teamwork. It not only has sports and cultural value, but has also become an international performing art. Professional instructors will be on-site to guide and provide equipment for the activity. Don’t hesitate to invite your family and friends to experience this traditional sport at the Taiwan Day event!


鳳興書院數位學習中心 Feng-Xing Digital Learning Center

2023 NZ Taiwan Day Chinese Culture Experience Trip

Click here to check out the Chinese culture experience trip here and register for your challenge card to use on the day. Those who participate in the challenge will received a stamp upon completion of each activity. Once you have completed at least 10 cultural activities, can go to the information desk and present the completed challenge card in exchange for a souvenir.