The children’s choir of Jiaxing elementary school Taiwan

“Hngzyang na Matuy & Nahuy” means the voice of Matuy and Natuy village’s children. Nahuy and Matuy are the places where located in the rural villages in Jian-Shir Township, Hsinchu County in the north area of Taiwan. The places are surrounded by hills at the height of over 600 meters, with the region’s weather being pleasant all year round.
The children of Nahuy and Matuy are required to attend Jiaxing Elementary School and Yixing Branch respectively. Jiaxing Elementary has 67 students in total, and Yixing Branch Campus is very small with only 20 students. The age of the students is between 6-12, and more than 96% of the students are Atayal children (the third-largest aboriginal group in Taiwan). Their parents are mostly doing farm and forest works, while others are working in factories and restaurants far from the village. As the result, nearly 75% of the children lives are taken care of by their Grandparents

However, heavenly adorned with rich natural resources and cultural assets, the school is also blessed to have pure individuals who are endowed with the talent to perform, and the willingness to take in what the world has to offer. Therefore, in the hope of engaging students in a dynamic learning environment, a choir program was brought into the curriculum since September 2016. With the teachers’ dedication, the plenty musical courses have helped the students rediscover their own traditional culture and further appreciate the ancestors’ legacy by singing the Atayal folksongs and playing the tribal instruments.
To one’s astonishment, the children had participated in the Hsinchu County and in the north area of Taiwan choir competitions from 2016 to 2022. Although the students had just accepted chorus training for only 6 years, they practiced hard and were not lucky to win the golden medal prize. Further more, the children went to Vienna to participate in the 31th Schubert Choir Competition in June 2018, and then went to Wernigerode, Germany to participate in the 11th Brahms Choir Competition in July 2019. In two years of participating in international choir competitions, the children won three Golden medals and two Special Jury Prize. In addition, the students went on cultural exchange programs with other choirs, through which they were able to realize their true potentials and expand their horizons.
And also, the children of Matuy & Nahuy performed at the 2022 Taipei International Choral Music Festival this August, and it is their first stage performance at the Taipei National Concert Hall. And they are looking forward to meet the new friends from all over the world on March 2023 in NZ Taiwan Day. And they also hope to visit the tribes and schools on their way to NZ. They are now practicing hard to sing so as to share the voices from Matuy & Nahuy!

LuWan Dance Troupe

The NaLuWan Dance Troupe was established in 1990. Currently the Troupe belongs to the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center, Council of Indigenous Peoples and is the permanent performing group at the Cultural Park. The Troupe has a total of 40 members and performs traditional dances and traditional rituals from all of the sixteen indigenous tribes in Taiwan.

The Troupe has represented Taiwan to perform in five countries in Central and South America, and has toured three times in the United States and Canada. The Troupe was also invited to perform in Japan, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. The Troupe also attended the 11th、12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Solomon Island、Guam in 2012、2016. Every year, the Troupe hosts a nation-wide tour in Taiwan to promote traditional music and dances in Taiwan and to provide another option for mainstream society to appreciate Indigenous cultures. In the “Green Marble Carving” Mid- and Long-Term Plan of the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center, the Troupe has been promoted to National NaLuWan Dance Troupe.

Indigenous music and dance of Taiwan is gaining popularity both domestically and internationally. The Troupe works hard to develop new performances by integrating technology, leading indigenous music and dance to a delicate and professional culture that can proudly stand in the mainstream in the world of art. The NaLuWan Dance Troupe look forward to showcase Indigenous music and dance of Taiwan at 2023 New Zealand Taiwan Day’s event.

Na Lu Wan Dance Group on Facebook.

Sangpuy (Musician)

Originally a member of the legendary music group Feijuyuenbao Synectics, Sangpuy has shown his great talent through singing, playing the self-made nose flute and jaw harp.

Focusing on collecting and researching the aboriginal culture, they sing songs against the cultural colonialism, capitalism and unfair treatment from the han people.

Powerful and spiritual, Sangpuy’s debut album “Dalan” (路) has won many different awards. Singing his experiences living in the KaTaTipul (卡地布部落) of Taitung, he tries to express his love and cherishment of the beautiful environment and hopes to wake up the general public to face the unfair and brutal land acquisition by the government.

Sangpuy’s new album “Yaangad” (椏幹) continues the appealing journey of what a living music could be. The debut single from this new record, “Sadeku Na Senan” (溫暖的光) – which means “Light” – expresses love of the beautiful moon and stars. Through Sangpuy’s soulful voice, you may regain the long lost feeling of our nature.

Sangpuy on Facebook.

*Source: https://beehy.pe/sangpuy-yaangad-taiwan/