2024 NZ Taiwan Day Chinese Culture Experience Trip

文化體驗之旅 📣 “闖關卡”來了📣
To encourage students to participate in Chinese cultural activities thereby improving their understanding of Mandarin and their ability to use it in life. This year there is a “Culture Experience Trip” where you can pick up a Challenge Card from the information desk to go around the different experiences and activities and earn a stamp for participation. On receiving at least 10 stamps, can exchange the card for a souvenir.

Art & Culture Exhibition

In addition to a rich and diverse cultural experience, the arts exhibition area will feature works from Western painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and more, offering you a multifaceted artistic feast. Experience the vast landscapes of mountains and rivers, the delicate beauty of flowers and birds, the rustic charm of Taiwanese rural life and Hakka culture, as well as the unique charm of both islands and New Zealand. Through the combination of floral art and AR digital technology, the exquisite beauty of Chinese characters will be presented in three dimensions, allowing you to savor the inclusive and diverse spirit of Taiwan in a traditional and innovative artistic atmosphere.


Modern Hard-Pen Calligraphy 現代硬筆書法

Hard-tipped pen calligraphy gets its name because the tip of the pen is hard and characters take a different form opposed to if written by the soft tip brush. It is also called “hard-tipped pen calligraphy” because it also has the traditional calligraphy art form. Its writing tools includes fountain pens, ballpoint pens, dip pens, pencils, and more.
The “National Hard Pen Character Writing Competition” hosted by Chiyuan Education Center started in 2017 and has entered its seventh year. In addition to the exhibition of last year’s award-winning works at 2024 NZ Taiwan Day, you can also register for this years competition on the spot. 
Website: http://www.chiyuan.co.nz

網址: http://www.chiyuan.co.nz

Experience the Beauty of Taiwan Indigenous Architecture through VR

It may be difficult to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan’s indigenous architecture and experience their living environment in person. However, you won’t want to miss the “Explore the Beauty of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Architecture” VR experience at the New Zealand Taiwan Day! Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive computer simulation environment that allows users to feel like they are really there, as if they are in a virtual space. The VR experience, brought to you by the Feng-Xing Digital Learning Centre, instantly transports you into the traditional architecture of Taiwan indigenous peoples when you put on VR glasses. Take some time to experience it and feel the unique cultural charm of Taiwan indigenous architecture, which combines different building materials found in nature.


虛擬實境(Virtual Reality, VR)是一種身臨其境的電腦模擬環境,能夠讓使用者有身臨其境的感覺,仿彿身處在虛擬空間之中。由鳳興書院數位學習中心帶來的VR體驗,戴上VR眼鏡,瞬間帶您走入原住民族的傳統建築。不妨抽空前來體驗,感受臺灣原住民族建築融合大自然不同建材所展現的獨特文化魅力。