What is Taiwan without their famous foods and night markets? Night markets are known for their ‘xiaochi’, translated to ‘small eats’. It gives an informal setting to eating out but packs a bunch with personality. Bustling atmosphere with venders calling out, there is a mixture of individual stalls selling a range of things from clothing, consumer good, food and specialty drinks.

NZ Taiwan Day 2023 will have an outdoor Taiwanese market with a range of vendors from our local Auckland area. Make sure to come along and browse the stalls and fill up your bellies with delicious Taiwanese foods.

The following stalls will be present during NZ Taiwan Day 2023 in the outdoor market space.

  • T-Mark
  • Morning Goo Goo
  • Amy Food Creations
  • My Kitchen
  • Wilfred’s Kitchen
  • Taco Taiwanese Street Food
  • Hulu Cat
  • Bei’s Home
  • Taiwanese Women’s Assoc. of NZ
  • Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of NZ
  • Taiwanese Hwa Hsia Society of NZ
  • Greenlane Medical Specialist
  •  Cindy Legend Age
  • NJK Trading
  • J’s Tea
  • Easy Cafe
  • Good Chow NZ
  • Taiwan Delicacy House