2023 NZ Taiwan Day Chinese Culture Experience Trip

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Art & Culture Exhibition

Are you ready for the upcoming Taiwan Day, after a long wait of three years? This year, we have prepared a unique art and culture exhibition, combining Western and traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, floral art and using augmented reality (AR) of Chinese characters to showcase Taiwan’s diverse culture. Come and immerse yourself in the traditional and innovative artistic atmosphere and appreciate Taiwan’s spirit of inclusiveness. Let’s use art to soothe our souls and explore the beauty of Chinese characters together.


Traditional Knots

Each year, the traditional knot exhibition has always been well received. Teacher Chan is back this year to showcase this traditional art in the Cultural Experience & Exhibition.
At this years NZ Taiwan Day, you can bring along your teapot to have a beautiful knot added on. Teacher Chan will wait to see you there.

Modern Hard-Pen Calligraphy 現代硬筆書法

Hard-tipped pen calligraphy gets its name because the tip of the pen is hard and characters take a different form opposed to if written by the soft tip brush. It is also called “hard-tipped pen calligraphy” because it also has the traditional calligraphy art form. Its writing tools includes fountain pens, ballpoint pens, dip pens, pencils, and more.
The “National Hard Pen Character Writing Competition” hosted by Chiyuan Education Center started in 2017 and has entered its seventh year. In addition to the exhibition of last year’s award-winning works at 2023 NZ Taiwan Day, you can also register for this years competition on the spot. 
Website: http://www.chiyuan.co.nz

網址: http://www.chiyuan.co.nz