Kia Ora from the NaLuWan Dance Troupe who will be performing at this years NZ Taiwan Day. Eager to welcome the team to showcase indigenous music and dance of Taiwan.

Naluwan Dance Troupe is government-owned, established under the guidance of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and supported by the Indigenous Peoples Development Center. The troupe was established in the early spring of 1990 in the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park that is located in Majia Township, Pingtung County. The Troupe has a total of 40 members and performs traditional dances and traditional rituals from all of the sixteen indigenous tribes in Taiwan.

The troupe often gets invited to perform and participate in arts and cultural activities and festivals both domestically and internationally. The content of the performing pieces was collected from local tribes through field studies and interviews. They are then interpreted and transformed into a form of stage performing art, showing the precious culture of Taiwan indigenous peoples to the world.

Indigenous music and dance of Taiwan is gaining popularity both domestically and internationally. The Troupe works hard to develop new performances by integrating technology, leading indigenous music and dance to a delicate and professional culture that can proudly stand in the mainstream in the world of art. The NaLuWan Dance Troupe look forward to showcase Indigenous music and dance of Taiwan at 2023 New Zealand Taiwan Day’s event.